Four-Day Experience

Monaco Grand Prix Four-Day Experience Package

Experience the ultimate Monaco Grand Prix weekend at the 5-star Hotel Hermitage. Enjoy Friday morning’s racing from the Midi Terrace with breathtaking views over the track and harbor, accompanied by teas, coffee, drinks, and canapés.

Later in the evening, mingle with F1 drivers at an exclusive drinks event. This is your chance to chat with past and present stars about the iconic street circuit. Don’t miss capturing memorable moments with your camera!

For unparalleled excitement, head to La Rascasse, located inside the penultimate corner of the track. Watch the cars race around the building, with first-floor balconies offering unique cockpit views. Indulge in full hospitality with Champagne, fine wines, spirits, and a buffet lunch served throughout the day.

And on race day, witness the action from the popular Grandstand K, providing stunning views of the cars navigating Tabac Corner and entering the swimming pool complex.

Caffe Milano, Tabac Corner, Trackside

This exceptional viewing spot grants our guests stunning vistas of the racing cars as they zip past luxurious yachts, heading straight toward Caffe Milano, and deftly navigate Tabac Corner mere meters away from their vantage point, before accelerating toward the Piscine section. The restaurant’s trackside area remains accessible for spectators to stand and enjoy the race, while a delectable 3-course buffet luncheon is served indoors. An open bar featuring Champagne, fine wines, and other beverages adds to the indulgent experience.


Midi Terrace, Hotel Hermitage

Experience the excitement of Friday morning’s racing from the prestigious 5-star Hotel Hermitage’s Midi Terrace, offering one of Monaco’s finest viewpoints. Delight in the panoramic vistas of the track and harbor from this expansive race-viewing terrace. Indulge in teas and coffee in the morning, followed by a selection of drinks and delectable canapés served at lunchtime on the terrace.

Later in the evening, don’t miss the opportunity to mingle with F1 legends at the Hotel Hermitage. Join us for drinks as you meet some of the sport’s iconic drivers, past and present, in an exclusive setting. Engage with them about the famed street circuit and any burning questions you have about the sport. Our hosts, selected for their deep experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for interacting with fans, ensure a memorable encounter. Remember to capture the moment with your camera! The event, lasting just over an hour, includes drinks and canapés. Driver attendance is subject to team obligations, and the lineup may vary.


La Rascasse

La Rascasse stands as the renowned bar nestled within the penultimate corner of the Monaco Grand Prix track, renowned worldwide for its unique vantage point. Positioned at the heart of the action, guests are treated to an unparalleled experience as the cars race around the building’s perimeter. Witness the thrilling moment as the cars emerge from the swimming pool section and charge directly towards Rascasse, mere meters away, before maneuvering around the building.

From the first-floor viewing balconies, guests enjoy a distinctive perspective, peering down into the cockpit of the racing cars. La Rascasse ensures full hospitality with an array of offerings, including Champagne, fine wines, spirits, and other beverages served from 11 am until the conclusion of the racing schedule. Upon arrival, light breakfast snacks greet guests, followed by a sumptuous full


Grandstand K

Experience the thrill of the Monaco Grand Prix race day from the expansive and highly sought-after Grandstand K. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking views of the F1 cars as they navigate through Tabac Corner and accelerate towards the entry of the iconic swimming pool complex.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2024
3 Day Ticket
€3,300 per person

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2024
4 Day Ticket
€3,900 per person


– Friday evening – Yacht Cocktail Party € 700 per person
– Saturday evening – Yacht Cocktail Party € 900 per person

Included with this Package:

– Multiple race viewing locations, as shown above
– Fully catered race viewing Thursday, Friday and Saturday
– Also available in a 3-day package (Fri-Sat-Sun)


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