Monaco Grand Prix Silver Package

Experience the quintessence of luxury and thrill with our Silver Package for the Monaco Grand Prix week. This meticulously curated package offers a three-day immersive experience – a day on a sophisticated yacht, a day at one of Monaco’s premier restaurants, and a day relaxing on a scenic balcony.


Your Grand Prix week culminates in the serene surroundings of your private balcony. Enjoy the climactic day of the race from this elevated perch, offering expansive views of the Riviera’s radiant beauty, the city’s architectural splendour, and the thrilling circuit. It’s the perfect, tranquil finale to a week of adventure and luxury.



Continue your journey with an extraordinary day aboard a lavish yacht anchored at the renowned Port Hercule. Here, you’ll absorb the pulsating energy of the Monaco Grand Prix from an extraordinary perspective. Ensconced in comfort on the deck, indulge in the spectacle of the world’s most exciting race surrounded by the Mediterranean’s shimmering blue canvas.



On the last day, transition from the sea’s breezy charms to a gourmet dining experience. Indulge your senses at one of Monaco’s prestigious restaurants, where an elaborate multi-course menu awaits you. Each dish, a symphony of local and exotic flavours, is expertly paired with a selection of the finest wines, promising an epicurean delight in a relaxed setting.



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