La Rascasse



€700 per person
€500 per person – Evening Drinks with F1 Legends
€700 per person – Evening Yacht Cocktail Party


€1,100 per person
€900 per person – Evening Yacht Cocktail Party


€2,200 per person


€4,000 per person

ABOUT La Rascasse

Nestled within the penultimate corner of the Monaco track, La Rascasse is a globally renowned bar that places guests at the heart of the racing action. As cars whiz around the building’s perimeter, spectators are treated to an up-close view as vehicles navigate the thrilling path from the swimming pool section to Rascasse, mere meters away. From the first-floor viewing balconies, visitors enjoy a unique perspective, peering into the cockpit of passing cars. With multiple viewing spots spanning the first-floor balconies to the expansive ground-floor sun terrace, La Rascasse offers diverse vantage points. Renowned for its lively parties, the atmosphere remains electric throughout the weekend, enhanced by its strategic location between the F1™ pit lane and Paddock, granting guests exclusive insights into the behind-the-scenes activities as teams and drivers pass by en route to their cars before the race.


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