Three Day Experience

Monaco Grand Prix Three Day Experience Package

Experience the thrill of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend with unparalleled views and vibrant atmospheres. Begin your journey at La Rascasse, a world-renowned bar nestled within the penultimate corner of the track, offering guests an immersive experience amidst the racing action and exclusive insights into behind-the-scenes activity. On Saturday, soak in the panoramic vista from the Albatros Roof Terrace, situated at the heart of the circuit, providing breathtaking views of the port area and key sections of the track, including the starting grid and iconic corners. Finally, on race day, choose from Grandstand B, K, L, or V to witness the excitement firsthand, with prime locations offering views of the legendary Casino, Monaco Harbour, pit lane action, and La Rascasse.



La Rascasse stands as an iconic bar nestled within the penultimate turn of the Monaco track. With cars zipping around the building’s perimeter, patrons find themselves immersed in the heart of the racing action. Renowned for its lively parties, the atmosphere at La Rascasse remains electric throughout the entire weekend. Situated between the F1™ pit lane and Paddock, visitors gain an exclusive peek into the behind-the-scenes buzz.


Albatros Roof Terrace

Perched at the circuit’s epicenter, the Albatros Roof Terrace offers a sweeping, panoramic vista of the port area. Positioned directly above the F1 starting grid, guests are treated to views of the start and finish line, a segment of the S of the swimming pool, the iconic La Rascasse and Anthony Noghès corners, and the towering giant screen. The track unfolds before your eyes: to the left, the primary straight and starting grid leading to the initial corner, to the right, the exit of the final corner at La Rascasse, and directly opposite, the vista extends out towards the harbor and sections of the track.


Indulge in the Monaco GP race day from your preferred grandstand:

Choose from Grandstand B, K, L, or V:
Grandstand B: Positioned between Hôtel de Paris and Café de Paris, offering a view opposite the legendary Casino.
Grandstand K: Nestled in Monaco Harbour, providing an unobstructed sightline of the lower section of the circuit from the Chicane’s exit to Tabac corner.
Grandstand L: Offering views of the pit lane action.
Grandstand V: Situated opposite La Rascasse, ensuring an exceptional vantage point.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday 2024
3 Day Ticket
€2,850 per person


Tursday evening – Party in the Port – €300 per person
Friday evening – Yacht Cocktail Party – €700 per person
Friday evening – Party in the Port – €500 per person
Friday evening – Drinks with F1 Legends – €500 per person
Saturday evening – Yacht Cocktail Party – €900 per person
Saturday evening – Party in the Port – €550 per person
Sunday evening – Party in the Port -€500 per person

Included with this Package:

– Multiple race viewing locations as shown above
– Fully catered race viewing served with drinks on Friday and Saturday


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