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Monaco Grand Prix Hotel de Paris Package

The Salle Empire is an exquisite banquet hall featuring a spacious terrace that offers panoramic views of Casino Square. Guests at the terrace can enjoy trackside seating, providing an intimate glimpse of the cars as they navigate the legendary Casino Square circuit. A sumptuous 3-course meal accompanied by a selection of wines, beers, and soft beverages is served within the grandeur of the Salle Empire.

For those seated inside, guests will be positioned near screens to catch some of the racing excitement visible from the terrace. To enhance your viewing experience, consider acquiring a ticket for the adjacent Grandstand B, which offers superior sightlines.

Experience the thrill of the race directly from your table on the terrace, where you’ll be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere and shielded from the weather.


A Prelude to Excitement

Friday sets the stage for an exclusive experience, as the Salle Empire opens its doors to guests. While Friday is traditionally a quieter day in terms of Formula 1 action, with no scheduled races, it offers a perfect opportunity to explore the amenities and luxuries of the Hôtel de Paris. Guests can indulge in a leisurely lunch at the Salle Empire, enjoying gourmet cuisine with a backdrop of the Casino Square, setting the tone for the excitement-filled weekend ahead.


The Thrill of Qualifying

Saturday marks a significant uptick in intensity with the qualifying sessions taking place. These sessions determine the drivers’ starting positions for the race day, making them a crucial and thrilling part of the Grand Prix weekend. The Salle Empire offers an exclusive vantage point to witness the precision and speed of the Formula 1 cars as they navigate the tight corners of Monaco’s street circuit. The day is complemented by a sumptuous buffet lunch, allowing guests to savor exquisite dishes as they enjoy the day’s adrenaline-pumping action.


The Grand Prix Climax

Sunday is the climax of the Grand Prix weekend, with the main race taking center stage. The atmosphere is electric as the world’s top drivers compete on the challenging Monaco circuit. From the comfort of the Salle Empire, guests have a front-row seat to the high-speed action, including pivotal moments like the start and finish of the race. The day is enhanced by a gourmet buffet lunch, ensuring that attendees enjoy a luxury experience that matches the excitement of the race. The Salle Empire, with its blend of top-tier hospitality and exceptional viewing opportunities, offers an unforgettable way to experience the glamour and exhilaration of the Monaco Grand Prix.


Friday 24th May Inside Tables
€200 per person

Saturday 25th May Inside Tables
€350 per person

Sunday 26th May Inside Tables
€900 per person

Friday 24th May Terrace Tables
€500 per person

Saturday 25th May Terrace Tables
€800 per person

Sunday 26th May Terrace Tables
€2,000 per person


– Friday evening – Drinks with F1 Legends – €500 per person
– Friday evening – Yacht Cocktail Party – Not Available
– Saturday evening – Yacht Cocktail Party – €900 per person

Included with this Package:

– 3-course lunch is served
– 1/2 bottle of wine per person & water
– Indoor and outdoor screens with F1 track feed


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